Locals Only Tour

for residents of the Greater Philadelphia Area*

May 14 @ 1:30pm - $15

We love showing visitors around our city, but we also enjoy having locals on our tours - showing them some hidden gems they may never have seen or talking city history with people who are already quite familiar with William Penn and Ben Franklin.  That's why we're giving a tour that's just for locals.  This tour will skip the familiar attractions of Old City and highlight some features of the city that might surprise you.  We'll give you some deeper insight into the early development of Philadelphia and show off some of the most recent improvements, including the ongoing revitalization of the city's waterfronts.  We're offering this one-time tour at a very low price as a BYOB (Bring Your Own Bike), but we're also offering half-price rentals (just $15) from our home base, Fairmount Bicycles.

This tour will last approximately 3.5 hours and cover about 12 miles.

*Due to limited availability this tour is only available to people living within the Greater Philadelphia Metropolitan area

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