Coping with Covid

As a small business we’ve had to think hard about the balance between Covid safety and a sustainable business model. We believe that outdoor activities can be safe and beneficial. But only with an honest assessment of the risks and a commitment to the safety of our community. As such we have a different approach to our 2021 season. The approach is twofold.

  1. We will be offering a limited menu of public tours with a significantly limited capacity of 6 riders per tour (plus up to 2 staff). In order to make this possible the tours will have a higher ticket price of $75 per person.
  2. We encourage you to gather your pod and book a private tour at any of the available time slots. Any public tour that has not yet been booked will be available to reserve for your group (and only your group). At $300 for up to 6 people, this represents a discounted rate. If you have more than 6 in your private group, you may add additional riders for $50 each.

This policy reflects many factors that will change over time. We hope for an eventual return to our old business model, offering more tours with higher capacity and a lower per-person price. But we have no speculation about when that might be possible.

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COVID-19 Bike Tour Updates

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